Automated Pill Dispensers

Did you know that up to 60% of all prescribed medications are taken incorrectly, or not at all? Today’s statistics tell us that 90% of elderly patients make some medication errors – and at least 35% of those errors are life threatening!

At Health Horizons Home Care, our goal has always been to keep people safe and independent for as long as possible. And helping people manage their prescription therapies more effectively is key to accomplishing that goal.


With our MedReady Automated Pill Dispenser, you or your loved one will have fewer worries about forgetting to take a dose, double dosing or taking your meds at the wrong time, identifying pills or pill bottles, opening/closing pill bottles, and privacy regarding your medications. The MedReady Automated Pill Dispenser is the only one of its kind to provide all of the following features:

  • Live monitoring to prevent missed doses, low batteries or jammed units
  • User friendliness – simple to load, program, operate & change
  • Multiple dispensing, up to 4 doses per day
  • An easy-to-read digital clock
  • Meds secured by lock & key – guarding against theft, pets or spillage
  • 72-hour battery backup
  • A compact design, small & flat enough to fit in a suitcase for travel
  • All the features of competitive systems, at a fraction of the cost
  • USA ownership, operation & monitoring, employing only registered American citizens

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