World’s Most Advanced Medical Alert System Now Available in Hampton Roads

Health Horizons Home Care is now offering the LifeGuard™ Medical Alert System to individual users, assisted living facilities and other organizations.

Unlike other alarm devices, the LifeGuard Medical Alert System allows users to speak to a live, trained and caring attendant at any time — for friendly conversation and companionship, as well as 24/7 emergency help.

Heralded as the smallest, most discreet medical alert device available on the market, LifeGuard may be worn as an attractive pendant or wrist watch. The system’s state-of-the-art design offers several unique options, including a complete care call service, providing users with personalized wake-up calls, appointment reminders and status checks at preset times. This call service option is a proactive way to ensure the individual’s health and safety — day or night.

The LifeGuard Medical Alert System also offers an optional monitored medication dispenser. More compact and space saving than competing units, the device is fully customizable to dispense as many pills as necessary, whenever necessary. Users and their families can rest assured that all medications are taken in a timely, accurate manner and as prescribed by their physician.

LifeGuard (proud to be a USA owned and operated service) includes automatic monthly self-testing and, with over three days of battery backup, is sure to provide continuous coverage even in the worst weather conditions.

Rentals begin at only $30 per month and require no equipment purchases or long-term agreements. Complete 30-day risk free guarantee! For more information, call toll free: (877) 321-9876  Mention this article for a discount!

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