New Vocational Tutoring Center Opens to Assist Students with College Admissions

Health Horizons, a leading private duty nursing agency and provider of medical equipment since 1997, formally announces the opening of its new School of Health Sciences, Health Horizons Academy. The new vocational school, scheduled to commence its first trimester of classes on May 23, 2011, was specially founded to help prospective students meet the challenging prerequisites of their chosen field of study.

“Health Horizons decided to create this academy because we had so many Nurse Aides and PCAs (Personal Care Aides) working for us that wanted to pursue a career in nursing, but they didn’t know how or where to start,” said Kevin Large, Founder and Administrator of Health Horizons. “A number of obstacles were holding them back…a lack of education, outdated course credits, trouble with math and science, fears of not remembering how to study, and money…to name a few. Health Horizons Academy gives these people another chance by focusing on their individual needs and helping them, every step of the way, to get admitted into the allied health care school of their choice.”

The new academy’s training will be primarily geared toward health care. Therefore, its programs will serve as a valuable “springboard” for anyone wishing to begin a career in Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Optometry, Physical Therapy, or any other medically related field. However, students pursuing careers in non-medically related fields can benefit just as much by picking up required coursework in Math, Science, Computers, or English!

To ensure that its students meet their goals, Health Horizons Academy will offer several unique educational approaches. School instructors are trained in bringing students up-to-speed on effective studying habits and test taking. Classes are then conducted in a tutoring style fashion, providing more one-on-one attention and training where needed. All course credits are fully transferable. And, it’s fast! By participating in Health Horizons Academy’s complete program, its students can be done and ready to enter the health care school of their choice in just one year.

The academy is also mindful of today’s economic climate and America’s ever growing need for fairly priced, high quality education. In order to help Hampton Roads residents pursue their career dreams during this trying recession, Health Horizons Academy has set its tuition rates lower than most other educational institutions in the region, and it plans to keep it that way.

Classes will initially be offered in Biology, Chemistry, English Composition, Introduction to Computers, Math, Psychology, and Sociology – with more college level courses to follow as the school grows. For more information on coursework, schedules, tuition and applications, visit:, call: (757) 518-2800, or email:

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