Health Horizons Hosts PCA Training Course

If you are looking for a rewarding  job in health care that is in demand, or just wanting to make some extra money, you may want to consider working as a Personal Care Aide (PCA) for a home health care agency. Hours are flexible with this type of position, the pay is competitive and you get to help people in the process. Not to mention, it looks great on a resume!

In an effort to support our employees and others in the community wishing to enter this rewarding occupation, Health Horizons Home Care hosts comprehensive PCA training every month throughout the year. The 40-hour course, instructed by Registered Nurses at Health Horizons Academy (our on-site School of Health Sciences), follows the Personal Care Aide training curriculum as approved by Medicaid and rewards graduates with an official PCA Certificate.

This hands-on coursework includes such topics as “Basic Nursing Skills”, “Physical and Biological Aspects of Aging”, “Food, Nutrition and Meal Preparation” and “Safety and Accident Prevention in the Home”. It is Health Horizons’ goal to accommodate the busy schedules of its students by offering day and evening classes. Additionally, our classes are kept small, so as to provide better one-on-one training and ensure each student’s success.

Courses generally commence mid-month. For more information on next available start dates and our very affordable tuition rates, please contact Health Horizons Academy’s Admissions Department at (757) 518-2800 or email:

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