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Q: What are the rates and minimal hours for your services?

A: Despite its growing reputation for providing some of the highest quality services in Hampton Roads, Health Horizons Home Care continues to be one of the most competitively priced home care providers in the area. Therefore, we are not afraid to talk pricing with you!

Every family we serve receives a Custom Care Plan, specific to their needs and budget. Several factors help determine the exact cost:

  • Number of hours of care per week
  • Level of home care services received (non-medical, skilled nursing, etc.)
  • Area of the city where services are provided (easily accessible or remote)

Our services are typically billed on an hourly basis. This makes it easy to make a Custom Care Plan for you. To discuss the exact rates for the services you may need, contact our office. We’ll set up an in-home consultation to begin discussing a Custom Care Plan and the rates for each service on your plan. We always provide a written rate sheet prior to initiating services. And rates will never be increased without at least thirty days’ notice.

The minimum number of hours per visit is two.

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