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Q: Why should I use Health Horizons Home Care instead of hiring a home aide on my own?

A: Hiring and managing home care services on your own may sound easy at first, but most people eventually find the process to be too time-consuming, stressful and risky. When weighing this option, first consider the following advantages to using Health Horizons Home Care:

  • Health Horizons orders State Police criminal background checks, performs drug tests, checks all professional references and requires each of its applicants to pass rigorous skills and personality exams – before he/she can become part of the Health Horizons team. This helps to guard against abuse or theft, and gives you the peace-of-mind you need when allowing someone to access your or your loved one’s home.
  • All of our employees are bonded, allowing you to fully recoop your losses should any form of theft occur in your home.
  • We pay all of the payroll and FICA taxes, so you are not exposed to legal liability.
  • We provide Worker’s Compensation Insurance, so you are not responsible for medical bills, lost wages or potentially devastating lawsuits should the worker be injured on your property.
  • Our caregivers are professionally trained, supervised and monitored round-the-clock to ensure that you or your loved one are receiving the safe and compassionate care that you need.
  • We provide regular visits by a Registered Nurse and have special backup caregivers available should your normally scheduled home aide become unavailable.

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