Meet Robin And Her New Friend,

Country Music Star Gretchen Wilson

Robin, a Norfolk native and long-time customer of Health Horizons Home Care, had recently been informed by her neurologist that an already crippling case of Muscular Sclerosis was about to get worse – and there was little hope for any improvement, let alone a cure.

The devastating news was causing her to have increased bouts of anxiety and depression, and was also taking a toll on Jesse, her fiancé and caregiver. Loving Robin very much and desperately wanting to lift her spirits, Jesse sought the help of Health Horizons’ Director of Nursing, Carla Begeot.

He told Carla of his plans to take Robin to the Chesapeake Jubilee, an annual four-day festival known for hosting some of the music industry’s biggest names. It was one of Robin’s favorite events, and would be sure to cheer her up. The only problem was finding transportation that could accommodate Robin’s particular needs.

“When I visited Robin during my nursing rounds, it broke my heart to see her so down,” said Carla. “She was really going through a rough time, and Jesse was trying so hard to make things better for her. I knew they both needed the fun getaway he was planning, even if it was only for a day. So I wanted to help, and luckily, I knew who to call.”

Having a huge heart and being well connected in the health care community, Carla took it upon herself to get involved. She contacted a close business associate, Jim Clinkscales of Five Star Medical Transport in Chesapeake, and asked for his advice. Carla explained Robin’s situation and informed Jim that she wished to pay for Robin’s roundtrip transportation out of her own pocket.

That evening, Carla received a follow-up call from Jim, at which time he generously offered to cover part of Robin’s transportation costs to and from the festival. But that was not all. Through contacts of his own, Jim was able to get Robin backstage passes to meet one of her favorite music personalities, country superstar Gretchen Wilson, who was performing that weekend! Carla went the extra mile to arrange the couple’s entertainment itinerary and, with Jim’s help, surprised Robin with a gift that put a big smile back on her face.

“I couldn’t believe all these people went so far out of their way to cheer me up. I was shocked when they told me about the backstage passes,” said Robin as she pointed to a concert pass necklace hanging on the wall. “I never thought I would get to do something like that and we had the best time! I want to thank Carla and everyone at Health Horizons for helping to take care of me – in so many ways. They really are a part of my family.”

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