Caridad Haley

Administrative Assistant
Caridad Haley, also known as “Cadi”, is most likely the first person you will speak to when contacting Health Horizons. Her consistent professionalism and friendly, helpful demeanor ensure that callers get a positive first impression of our company.

A native of Hampton Roads where she grew up in a Navy family, Caridad took coursework at Norfolk State University and Tidewater Community College before ultimately earning her Associates degree in Medical Administration from ECPI. From there, she enlisted in the United States Navy and acted as Chaplain’s Assistant, Petty Officer First Class for 20 years. During that time, Caridad trained with the United States Marine Corps, served aboard four different ships, and was stationed in Japan and Scotland. She also performed volunteer work for the American Red Cross, The Kidney Foundation and served as Community Relations Projects Volunteer Coordinator for her command – helping schools and orphanages wherever she was stationed.

Upon leaving the Navy, Caridad went straight to Health Horizons in 2009, where she began her new career in health care.

“It has always been my desire to work in a position where I’m somehow giving back to society,” said Caridad. “It just makes the time and effort so much more rewarding, and gives you a feeling of purpose! That’s important to me. I tried to do as much volunteer work as I could while in the Navy. Then, upon leaving the service, I was looking to do the same in a civilian role. That’s when I found Health Horizons. Here, I’m able to help others on a daily basis and make a real difference in their lives – while getting paid to do so! It’s the perfect situation for me and I’m thankful I found this opportunity.”

Currently, Caridad handles all administrative support for Health Horizons Home Care, the LifeGuard Medical Alert System (our company’s medical alarms division) and Health Horizons Academy.

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